Student based in DC. Twenty-something based nowhere in Hanoi nowhere again, but is currently backpacking through Southeast Asia. I have a severe case of wanderlust.

This blog is about travel, primarily, and this topic is supplemented with some photos and some words. It’s about happiness and inquisition. It’s about the road. It’s about the heart-wrenching despair you experience when you step on that plane heading home to comfort, family, and familiarity. If you don’t know the feeling, I’m so sorry.

So if you come here seeking advice on how to fix your malfunctioning android, you’re in the wrong place. Kind of.

Portrait of the Squeaky Robot as of the Fourteenth of January, the year Two Thousand-Twelve.

Other notes:

a) If you have questions regarding my make and model, tough luck. My creator seems to be on vacation.

b) I am an unreliable narrator.

c) For more information, head over to the Modus Operandi page.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Feel free to take any of my photos, if you want them. But I have conditions. You can only have them if: 1) It’s for your personal enjoyment. 2) It will benefit your life in some way/nudge you towards that ever-far-reaching ideal of eternal happiness and euphoria. 3) If you want to make money off of them (good fucking luck with that), I congratulate you for being smarter than me. But if you take them and then take credit for them, I won’t think very highly of you.